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      来源:可可英语 编辑:Villa ?  VIP免费外教试听课 |  可可官方微信:ikekenet

      H.E. Li Keqiang, Premier of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China

      中华人民共和国国务院总理 李克强

      Chengdu, 24 December 2019


      President Moon Jae-in, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Ladies and Gentlemen, Friends,


      I am delighted to meet the business leaders in Chengdu, known as the "Land of Abundance." On behalf of the Chinese government, let me extend warm congratulations on the opening of the business summit. I also wish to express my sincere welcome to all the distinguished guests and pay high tribute to members of the business communities for your longstanding efforts in promoting trilateral cooperation.


      This year is a memorable one as it marks the 20th anniversary of the trilateral cooperation. Twenty years ago, this cooperation framework was launched as a collective response to the Asian financial crisis. It provided a framework for us to join hands in overcoming the difficulties. Twenty years on, despite changes in the international environment and ups and downs in relations among the three countries, the trilateral cooperation has been moving steadily forward in various fields, as such cooperation serves the interests of all three countries and the wellbeing of our peoples.


      To date, we have established 20-plus dialogue and exchange mechanisms and developed cooperation in over 30 sectors. The trilateral personnel inter-flow has passed the 30 million mark, and the trade volume exceeded US$700 billion. As important neighbors and cooperation partners, our three countries, with our own development and ever-deepening trilateral cooperation, have provided a stronger underpinning for the peace, stability, progress, and prosperity of East Asia.


      Ladies and Gentlemen, Friends,


      Our world today has been undergoing complex and profound changes. On the one hand, a new wave of the technological and industrial revolution has created new opportunities for international economic cooperation and the development of all countries. On the other, global growth is at its lowest ebb in nearly a decade. Economic globalization is encountering headwinds, with uncertainties and destabilizing factors notably on the rise.


      In such a context, our three countries need to carry forward the spirit that had guided us through the Asian financial crisis 20 years ago. We should draw lessons from history, build up consensus, and advance toward the future with unity and collaboration. We need to strengthen mutual political trust, expand practical cooperation and jointly tackle challenges to make new contributions to the prosperity and stability in our region and beyond.


      With this in mind, I wish to make the following three proposals:


      – Working together to upgrade regional economic integration. Several weeks ago, 15 participating countries of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) concluded overall negotiations in Bangkok. This marks a major breakthrough in building a free trade area that has the largest population, the most diverse membership, and the greatest development potential. It will provide strong support and useful complement to the multilateral trading system, and set an example of mutually beneficial free trade arrangements among countries of different development stages, systems and institutions. It will also inject fresh impetus into the joint efforts of regional countries in counteracting the downward pressure on the global economy.


      As firm supporters of the negotiations and direct beneficiaries of the agreement, our three countries need to keep up the momentum and expedite the resolution of the few outstanding issues to ensure the formal signing of the RCEP next year.


      Our three countries have a combined GDP of nearly one fourth and a trilateral trade of about one-sixth of the world’s total. Our economies are highly complementary as we are at different development stages. How can we build on the existing solid foundation and better leverage our respective advantages to elevate our business cooperation and bring greater benefits to our peoples?


      Undoubtedly, establishing a trilateral FTA is an important means to this end. China is committed to working with the ROK and Japan to facilitate early, substantive progress in the trilateral FTA negotiations, advance trade, and investment liberalization and facilitation and make new breakthroughs in our economic cooperation and trade. As major trading nations, such efforts will underscore our commitment to multilateralism and free trade and bolster our endeavors to tackle global downside risks, promote stable growth and catalyze regional economic integration.


      –Working together to expand cooperation on industrial capacity investment and science and technology innovation. Our deeply integrated industrial and value chains and respective strengths in equipment, technology, and capital hold out broad prospects for our cooperation. The Belt and Road cooperation has opened up new space for world economic growth. We should support our companies in jointly exploring fourth markets in line with market principles. We need to set up a trilateral co-investment fund according to commercial principles to support infrastructure and other projects with better investment and financing arrangements.


      China has proposed to designate next year as Year of Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation. We need to step up exchanges in innovation policy, technology, and personnel, and build a trilateral sharing and cooperation platform for basic research and technology R&D. ROK and Japanese companies are welcome to expand their investments in China in advanced manufacturing and other fields. China supports companies of the three countries in increasing two-way investment in the internet, big data, artificial intelligence, 5G, and other sectors, and actively boosts cooperation in e-commerce to take our mutually beneficial cooperation to new heights.


      –Working together to foster new areas of growth in modern services. As the world’s largest developing country, China has a huge and continuously upgrading market. The nearly 1.4 billion Chinese people have fast-growing needs for quality goods and services. In particular, there is a pressing demand for more services in elderly, health and child care. Meanwhile, to further open its financial sector, China has moved up the lifting of foreign ownership caps in securities, futures, funds and life insurance from the year 2021 to 2020. These are areas where ROK and Japanese companies have a notable edge. As a Chinese saying goes, "Those in the waterfront pavilion get a better view of the moon." We welcome companies from our two neighbors to China for cooperation in modern services and the financial sector. Such cooperation will better equip our three countries in tackling common challenges in aging, health care and financial stability, and promote greater synergy of our comparative strengths for common development.


      重点单词   查看全部解释    
      tribute ['tribju:t]


      n. 贡品,颂词,称赞,(表示敬意的)礼物

      committed [kə'mitid]


      adj. 献身于某种事业的,委托的

      personnel [.pə:sə'nel]


      n. 职员,人事部门

      strengthen ['streŋθən]


      v. 加强,变坚固

      profound [prə'faund]


      adj. 深奥的,深邃的,意义深远的

      comprehensive [.kɔmpri'hensiv]


      adj. 综合的,广泛的,理解的

      potential [pə'tenʃəl]


      adj. 可能的,潜在的
      n. 潜力,潜能

      financing [fai'nænsiŋ]


      n. 融资,资金供应 动词finance的现在分词

      particular [pə'tikjulə]


      adj. 特殊的,特别的,特定的,挑剔的

      complementary [.kɔmpli'mentəri]


      adj. 补充的,互补的





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